Binloop Ultra 120K 2019

Sat, 2019-Mar-16 05:51 - Sun, 2019-Mar-17 11:52

Waktu : 16-17 Maret 2019

Kategori : 120K, 60K Individu & Relay

Lokasi : Ruko Kebayoran Bussines Park, Jalan Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Pondok Aren, Bintaro

Info & Registrasi :

Binloop Ultra 120K is an annual Ultra Marathon race with 2 distances categories 120KM and 60KM, The running route used is the classic route of Bintaro Loop located in Bintaro Jaya, South Tangerang or better known as Binloop, where one loop is 12KM.
Binloop is a well-known training place among runners and cyclist because the route is comfortable and safe along the main road Bintaro Boulevard passes Bintaro Xchange, 2 flyovers, Kebayoran Square, Discovery & Graha Raya.
Binloop Ultra 120K can be done individually or in a team consisting of 5 runners with relay methods.

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